Reshot Review

Reshot Review 4

Check in any designer’s bookmarks bar and you will surely find a half-dozen different free stock photo sites, if not more. The recent explosion in premium stock content providers has led to a similar explosion in free stock photo sites, where thousands of images can be searched and downloaded for no charge whatsoever. The problem, then, becomes keeping track of an ever-expanding list of free stock photo sites.

Launched in 2018, Reshot is one of the newest players in the free stock image game, offering users access to an exclusive library of professionally-sources images. While not as expansive or well-known as the “big boys” of stock photos, Reshot has nevertheless made a significant splash among designers and contributors alike.

In this review, we are going to take a look at what makes Reshot the kind of stock photo site that you want to keep in your bookmarks, as well has how it performs compared to some of the more well-known image sites.

The Breakdown: Reshot’s Primary Features

  • One of the newest free stock photo providers
  • Every-growing stock image library
  • One-click stock image downloads
  • Multiple-image “packs” available for free download
  • Comprehensive custom license allows for both personal and commercial use
  • Contributor network in Beta; to be released soon
  • Simplistic search function

Reshot: An Up-and-Coming Free Stock Photo Site

From the moment you click onto the Reshot website, it is apparent that you are being invited to join a community that is centered around more than just content generation. From top to bottom, Reshot has structured itself as a simplistic yet stunningly effective stock photo search engine, built off a collection of high-definition images that can’t be found anywhere else.

As such they’ve positioned themselves as one of the true “ones to watch” when it comes to free stock photo collections. While they have yet to launch their contributor network system, all signs indicate that it is going to provide Reshot with a significant boost in both the size and overall quality of their photo collection.

The images themselves are clean, modern, and visually engaging. Like many of the most popular free stock photo sites out there, Reshot has adopted the commitment to avoiding “stocky” stock photos … images that are either too boring, too traditional, or too cliché to ass anything meaningful to a new design or marketing campaign.

Reshot vs. The Other Guys

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There is no denying that Reshot has a smaller image library that other free stock content providers. This is largely due to the fact that they only turned on the lights in 2018, and it is safe to say that they’re still getting their sea legs under them. Yet still any search into their stock photo library will yield hundreds, if not thousands of results … each and every one of them available for just about any purpose that you can dream of.

Reshot’s curated image-packs are perhaps the most unique thing about them at the moment. By trading them a social media share or mention it is possible to download organized image collections that can be saved to your hard drive and used whenever you please. It is certainly easier than downloading the images one at a time.

The lack of any category or theme-based image organization might be strange to users who are more familiar with that style … but with the smaller and more boutique style of these images, there is no need for big categories like that. Anyways, the search function seems to return pretty accurate results based on what you put into the search bar and is all that’s really needed.

The Types of Free Stock Photos at Reshot

When Reshot first started operating in 2018, they were offered a significant number of high-def, professional-grade photos and images from one of their larger sponsor sites. This game their initial collection a real top-quality feel to it, with none of the boring or dated images that are so often used to launch a new stock image site.

Since then, Reshot has partnered with a number of new photographer-contributors, accepting new images only through a tight-knit curation process that only allows the best images to come through.

The Types of People who Need Reshot in Their Lives

For small designers and larger firms alike, Reshot provides a beautiful and unique collection of stock photography that is all provided under a single, free-use license. The images can’t be found on any other image aggregator, and most of their initial collection was provided by the professional photographers at Twenty20, which is Reshot’s primary sponsor and partner. For this reason, there is no reason why Reshot should be a stop on anyone’s list when it comes to finding the perfect stock image for your next project.

Stock Image Licensing at Reshot

The Reshot license is custom-designed to help them share the most free stock photos with the most people. To put it simply, the license allows users the irrevocable copyright license to download, modify, distribute, and use any photo from the Reshot library for personal or commercial use. Unlike a lot of stock content sites out there, there is also no need to provide attribution for the images, no mater how you are using them.

As far as stock content licensing goes, this one is actually pretty comprehensive. In fact, the only thing that you can’t do with Reshot’s stock photos is use them to create your own stock photo website, or any other kind of similar image compiler.

While it’s easy to break down their license details into more simplistic terms, the full Reshot terms and conditions are actually quite long, and are worth the read for anyone who is thinking of becoming a contributor.

Are Free Stock Photos Really Free?

It doesn’t matter what kind of license a free stock photo sharing site might have … there are always a few additional things to consider when using stock photography, especially the stuff that you get for free. While the Reshot License does give you the ability to use images for just about anything you can think of, there are some limitations that it cannot cover.

For instance, corporate logos and images are under restriction in all forms, which means if one appears in your free stock photo, you could be on the hook for infringement, even it is under a free-use license. Generally speaking, this isn’t something that you have to worry about with the free stock content at Reshot, but since there is no guarantee it is always the user’s responsibility to double-check.

Another group of photos that is not covered under the Reshot license (or any other free stock photo license for that matter) is the likeness or image of people who have not specifically provided permission for the image to be used.  If the stock photo you want to download has an individual in it, it is your responsibility to determine whether or not that person game permission.

Reshot Memberships and User Accounts

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Because Reshot is still one of the newest free stock photo providers on the internet, it hasn’t yet launched its user platform. At of yet there is no official indication of when this free service will be launched, but those who are interested have the ability to provide their email addresses so they can stay updated on any developments.

From what we can discern, the Reshot memberships will be totally free and will make it even easier for people to become contributors.

Premium Stock Photos at Reshot

At the bottom of every search query on Reshot, users will see a collection of “Premium” tagged stock photos. These are provided through Reshot’s primary partner and sponsor, The royalty-free stock photos and images at Twenty20 are available for a monthly subscription, and it is a good option for business who need a more enterprise-appropriate stock image solution.

However, no membership of any kind is required to download photos from Reshot … all the images are totally free to use. The only thing they ask you for is to share them vis social media, which frankly seems fair enough considering the kind of awesome content that they are providing for totally free.

Using Reshot to Search and Download Free Stock Images

It doesn’t get much easier than one-click stock photo downloads, and that precisely what is offered at Reshot. The search system is quite simplistic, with no categories or themes to search by. At the bottom of the page there are some suggested popular search terms, but other than that, you just type in what you’re looking for and hit enter.

Once you find the image you’re looking for, a single click can activate the download dialog box; there is no need to sign up for anything. A little pop-up will appear asking you to share your experience via social media, but that’s the full extent of it.

The bottom of every search query will also present a collection of premium, royalty-free images that are offered from one of Reshot’s sponsors. If you click on one of these premium images, you will be redirected to a premium stock photo site where you can gain access via monthly subscription.

Free Stock Image Pack Downloads at Reshot

As both a convenience to their users and a marketing tool for themselves, Reshot has created a number of thematically-organized image packs that can be instantly downloaded and used perpetually. The only additional requirement of these collections is that you go through with a social media share (Facebook or Twitter) before the download will activate.

The convenience of getting a whole collection of free stock images in a single download is more than worth the few seconds it takes to spread the word about the service.

Can I Upload or Sell Photos to Reshot?

According to their website, Reshot is currently in beta testing of their user account system, which may or may not include a fully-functional contributor upload system. Because Reshot offers only free stock photos, it is highly unlikely that they would ever pay for image contributions.

Anyone who is interested in becoming a contributor can get in touch with Reshot directly through their ‘Contact Us’ section and they will review your portfolio. You can also provide your email address to sign up for monthly updates on the progress of the contributor system.

Reshot’s Creative Mission

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The free stock photos at Reshot are more than just a marketing gimmick; they are the result of a combined passion and shared outlook about art and lifestyle. Their entire library is built from the generosity of professional photographers and media contributors who understand that not all stock content is created equal, especially when it comes to free stock photos.

Browsing through the free stock photo library at Reshot is a reminder that they don’t offer anything that doesn’t feel authentic, even if it means having a smaller image library than its “competition”. The result is an exceedingly helpful image site that is most likely going to provide you with content that is even more awesome than you imagined.


One of the first things that you see when you click onto Reshot is their tagline, “handpicked and non-stocky.” As far as taglines go, its hard to find one that is more apt than this, as Reshot truly does provide users with a unique collection of free HD stock photos … every one of them curated based off a strict set of aesthetic guidelines and quality standards.

The result is a collection that is as effective as it is pretty; the perfect tool for adding both style and substance to your next marketing campaign or design project. We will look forward to the release of Reshot’s user system, as well as the continued growth of his image offerings.