Legalities & Licenses: Free vs. Paid Stock Photo Sites

Whether you’re an up and coming social media influencer or a globally recognized design firm, it is imperative that you know how to compete in today’s audio-visual world … a world in which every day brings a fresh new tsunami of content, and staying afloat means keeping the content coming. Day in, ...

Deep Dive: Understanding Creative Commons Licensing

These days, it seems like just about everybody is a content creator of some kind. Whether it is a niche blogger with a passionate fanbase or an artistically-inclined programmer who builds websites as a side hustle. For these pursuits and more, there is perhaps no more valuable resource than the ...

13 Answers to Questions About Using Free Stock Photo Sites

You’ve no doubt noticed that we live in a highly visual world: The more we depend on digital communications and interactions, the more important it is that we also make a visual connection to whatever it is we’re reading, browsing, or watching. For both businesses and creative ...