About us

We are stock media experts and free stock photo enthusiasts. 

Our main man Amos Struck is a stock photography industry veteran with 20 years of achievements under his belt. He leads Stockphotos.com, Stock Photo Secrets, and other digital publications in 6 languages. Also designed stock media services like the Stock Photo Secrets Shop and SignSilo, as well as is the creative mind behind various multiple WordPress plugins and the co-founder of the exclusive Microstock Expo

Our consultant Ivanna Attie is a Communications specialist and stock media licensing expert that has been working alongside Amos and other industry authorities for years. She is the author of countless articles and guides about stock photography for commercial uses. 

Together, the team knows all the ins and outs of stock photography! 

Our Mission

We want to help you unlock the real power in free stock photos to realize your creative goals. 

The idea is you can navigate through finding, downloading, and using free stock photos smoothly, making sure everything you do is as legally safe as creatively brilliant. 

Our Service

Applying our expertise and insider tips, we bring you offers and advice about the use of free stock photos in your creative work. 

We have: 

  • Trusted lists of legally-safe free stock photo sites 
  • In-depth agency reviews to know it all about your favorite free image providers 
  • Usage guidelines to fully understand legal terms and take advantage of free stock imagery 
  • Everystockphoto, our upcoming free stock image site full of beautiful photos to use charge and risk-free

And much more yet to come!