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Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer to the list of Frequently Asked Questions to get familiar with our website. If this list does not answer your question, see other help topics in the menu on your left, or contact us for help.

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I don't remember my login information! What should I do?
In order to keep your private information secure, we do not display login information, however we can email it to you.

I cannot login even though I am sure my username and password are correct. What's the problem?
Please be sure your internet browser does not reject cookies. If cookies are rejected, we are unable to log you in.

I am trying to login but getting the error message saying my browser rejects cookies. I set it to allow cookies, and still I cannot login.
First of all, verify the cookies are truly accepted. Type "accept cookies" in your favorite search engine, and you will find plenty of tips helping to make sure the cookies are accepted by your web browser. Once your browser is set to accept cookies, check if your computer is running any privacy control or firewall software, and review your security settings you may have set with ZoneAlarm, Norton Internet Security, BlackICE, or other firewall/privacy software (including Windows XP firewall). Alternatively, you may want to try to reset all web browser settings to defaults, clear its cache (temporary internet files) or use the latest version of another web browser (Mozilla FireFox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, or Google Chrome).


Do I have to register?
All ShutterPoint content is currently available for viewing without registration and free of charge. You will only be asked to register if you choose to take advantage of the ability to submit your photos and provide numeric ratings for photos of other members. If you would like to register, proceed to the Registration Page. Make sure to review our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy before you register. If you plan to submit photos, please also be sure to read our Submission Guidelines. Need more information to decide? Click here to read more about our services.

Why didn't I receive my registration confirmation via email?
Most probably, you have supplied an invalid email address. To register for our website, you need to enter your complete and valid email address.  Here are some examples:

Please note that e-mail addresses do not include spaces or commas and are not case-sensitive. Invalid email addresses result in account deactivation. Note that certain mail programs or web mail providers can mistakenly place confirmation e-mails into Bulk/Junk/Spam folder. Be sure to check that folder as well.

If you are certain that you have supplied your correct email address, you may request another confirmation and filling out the Confirmation Code Request form.

I am a weddings photographer, can I sell prints to my clients through ShutterPoint?
No, currently the only form of photo distribution through ShutterPoint is downloadable files, not the printed photo. Our website can help you sell your photos to publishers, who usually require a digital file and prefer to do all printing themselves.

I would like to buy storage space, but I do not have a credit card. What do I do?
You have two options if you do not have a credit card:

  • Pay by check (or money order) - register with us, and then send your username to us and indicate you would like to fund your storage space by check. Please specify the amount of space you would like (in chunks of 100MB) and duration of your space subscription (either 6 months or 1 year). When we get your e-mail, you will be given further instructions on payment. After we receive your check, your storage space will become active upon the check is cleared.
  • Pay via - simply chose to pay using PayPal during the process of buying your storage space. After your PayPal transfer is verified, your storage space will become active immediately. Most of PayPal payments will be automatically verified online right after you make the payment (this does not apply to PayPal e-check payments that require several days to clear).

Digital Images

What is the image resolution?
The concept of resolution may be confusing even to experienced photographers or designers, and in order to fully understand it, we highly recommend reading at least a few articles presented below. Reading this material just once will help you become much more knowledgeable about resolution and demystify some common myths about it.

Article Resolution Explained: Megapixels 101 Article What is Digital Image Resolution? Article Understanding Resolution and Resampling Article Resolution Article Resolution Revelation - Understanding image resolution and dpi in Photoshop Article Understanding Resolution

Submitting Photos

Are there any types of photos I cannot submit?
Yes. The rule of thumb is to determine if your photo can be used on the commercial or editorial basis, and if it has any value in stock photography. If in doubt, please review our Submission Guidelines.

Do you approve photos before allowing them to be viewable on the site?
No, we trust our members to submit quality images capable of attracting photo buyers. Even though we do not use a formal approval process of each and every new photo, we do review all submissions shortly after they get posted, and we will notify a photographer if a photo has been removed for breaking a set of simple rules outlines in the Submission Guidelines.

Do I need to obtain formal copyright before submitting to ShutterPoint?
No, a formal copyright registration is not required. Please visit the website of the US Copyright Office for further details.

My photos contain recognizable human faces, are these OK to submit?
They are OK to submit, however if you prefer to have them available for sale under the terms of the Commercial Use License, you will need to provide us with the signed model release form for each recognizable person on your photo. Please read more about releases and review information about the types of license you can offer. If we determine the need for a release, we will notify you via e-mail and make the photo available for sale only under the terms of the Editorial Use License until the release is received.

Do I need to submit the model release forms for my children, or my auto-portraits?
Yes, a person interested to buy your photo needs to be assured of the legality of its usage on the commercial basis.

Do you accept scanned photos, or only the ones made by digital cameras?
We accept image files regardless of their origin, so scanned photos or photos produced by digital cameras are both accepted.

Are there any limits on the size of my photos?
Generally speaking, the size is up to you, as long as it meets the minimum requirements of at least 1024 pixels in both dimensions. All photos are automatically resized for web viewing, however the original high resolution file is preserved for delivery to prospective buyers. Keep in mind that if you are serious about selling your work, you should submit the original high resolution files, so that a buyer purchasing your images can make high quality prints from them.

Which image formats does ShutterPoint accept for submissions?
Our website is designed to accept the most popular formats used in photography - JPEG and TIFF images. JPEG images usually offer high quality compression and lower file size, while TIFF images are much larger, though the quality is superior, as the TIFF format usually implies no compression. There are several newer compression methods that can be applied to TIFF images: LZH, ZIP and JPEG. ShutterPoint supports the LZH and ZIP compression methods of TIFF files.

Should I submit my image files in TIFF or JPEG format?
The decision is up to you. TIFF format is "lossless" - which means no data is lost when the image is saved, as opposed to JPEG format losing some small bits of information about your image when compressing it, however high-quality JPEG compression produces excellent results, virtually indistinguishable from TIFF. It’s important to remember that TIFF files are usually much larger than JPEG files.

Can I submit multiple files at the same time?
Yes. There are three options for uploading multiple files:

1. Windows XP or Windows 2003 users can take advantage of the Windows Web Publishing Wizard to submit image files to the site.
2. Use our Batch Upload tool (requires Adobe Flash 9.0 or above).
3. You can also compress your image files into a ZIP archive (either on Windows or Mac) and submit the ZIP file via our standard web submission process (under "Upload a Single Photo" tab). ZIP files are automatically uncompressed by our software and the site will process all images stored inside the ZIP archives the same way as if they were uploaded one by one.

Always check your Upload Log for errors to be sure that all images in the batch get processed.

Do you allow digital alterations, such as certain adjustments in the image editing programs?
Yes, you are free to do anything to make your photos look their best.

How long does it take to upload a file on average?
Upload time depends on your internet connection speed and the size of the file you upload. The faster your connection and smaller the file, the less time it will take. 1MB usually takes about 1 or 2 minutes over cable or DSL connection, or up to 15 minutes via 56K dial-up connection.

Is there a minimum and maximum limits for assigning a price?
Yes, the minimum price for a full use license is $20, and maximum is $99999 (though actually setting the maximum price would be very unreasonable). Standard use prices are set automatically depending on the image resolution.

Do you support EXIF and IPTC profiles?
Yes. If your images contain EXIF data, we will automatically extract and pre-fill the camera make and model, and the date of the capture. We will also extract the full set of EXIF fields to make them available for viewing. When you submit image files containing IPTC profiles, the site will pre-fill the most common fields with the data extracted from the IPTC profiles - keywords, titles, descriptions, categories, and copyright information. Please review our IPTC Metadata Guide for more details.

Managing Your Photos

How do I change the title, price, keywords, and other photo information?
When you are signed in, simply navigate to your photo - you will see the Edit link at the right side of the Photo Information subsection. Clicking this links will bring up the page where you can edit any information the photo.

How do I delete a photo?
You can delete any photos - choose Manage Albums under My Account, then choose to manage photos for the album from which a photo should be removed. You will be presented with the page where you can delete any photo(s) in the selected album, or move them to another album. Alternatively, select Manage All Photos under My Account to view all photos in all albums together. Another way is to open your photo for viewing and click "Delete Image" next to Image ID in Photo Information section.

I want to resubmit my photo, but I would like to keep my original ratings and views for it. How do I do that?
This cannot be done. A newly submitted photo cannot replace an existing photo. You will need to submit the new version, and then remove the old one.

How do use watermarks?
By default all images you submit to the site are stamped with the standard ShutterPoint watermark placed in the center of the image. You can choose to use your own watermark instead. The process of protecting your images with your custom watermark consists of two steps:

  1. Create one or several watermarks: Go to My Account and choose to Manage Watermarks, where you will see a link to create the new watermark. There you can also edit and delete your existing watermarks, and assign any watermark as your personal default choice for all new uploads.
  2. Apply a watermark to your photo(s): You can do it right after the photo is uploaded, or any time later by going to My Account and choose to Manage Albums. Then choose to manage photos in the album of your choice, then select a photo you need to apply the watermark to, and click "Edit Photo Info" link. You will be presented with various photo information selections, where you will find a watermark selection as well. If you wish to remove the watermark from a photo, choose "None" as a watermark selection.
Please note that when you make any watermark adjustments to your images, your browser may still show the old version of the image with the previous watermark. To force your browser to use the most recent copy of the image with the updated watermark, hit F5 (or Shift+F5) while viewing your photo.

How do I organize my images to be displayed in the specific order I want?
The order of albums can be set up at the bottom of the Manage Albums page, and the order of images can be set at the Sort Photos page.

Managing Your Account

I need more space to store my photos, how do I get more?
You can order more space or renew your subscription at any time. Go to the Account page and choose how much more space you will need.

My e-mail address has changed. How can I update my account to reflect the change?
Account Information can be updated at any time by following "My Account" link on top of every page and selecting My Information.

I would like to change my password, how do I do it?
Account Information can be updated at any time by following "My Account" link on top of every page and selecting My Info. Once there, follow the Edit Password link to reset the password.

What do I need to do to modify my username?
Changing a username may invalidate any possible bookmarks our users might have created for easy access to your photos. If you desire to change your username, just send us an e-mail request and we will do it for you. Please include what you'd like your new username to be.

Photo Requests

How do the photo requests work?
Registered photo buyers can submit an unlimited number of photo requests that become visible to all ShutterPoint photographers. Photo requests allow photo buyers to locate specific images that they may not be able to find otherwise. As soon as a new photo request is received, photographers may begin sending in photos to satisfy the requirements specified in the request. Photo buyers later review submissions and may choose to purchase photos that match their requirements the best.

What are the different phases of a photo request?
All new requests become Active immediately. At any time later, a request owner can pause or close the request. Requests also can expire when the expiration date of the request is bypassed. Please note that photographers can only submit photos for Active requests.

Is a request owner obligated to buy photos submitted for his/her request?
No. Even though photo buyers are under no obligation to make any purchases, there should be no reason for someone to submit a request without an intention to obtain the desired photos.

How do I submit my photo for a request?
If you are submitting a new photo, during the photo upload process, simply flag the checkbox next to the name of the request you wish to submit for. You can also submit any photo in your account by editing it and selecting a request you are submitting for.

I submitted my photo for a request, but I can no longer see it amongst all photos submitted for this request. What happened?
The most likely reason is your photo has been determined to be inappropriate for the request, and your submission for the request was removed by our staff. We make every effort to ensure credibility of our services, and it is extremely important that only photos which satisfy all requirements presented in the photo request are submitted. Should we find that a photo submitted for the request is not appropriate, we will remove the submission without notifying a photographer. Repeated submissions of non-qualifying photos can result in temporary suspension of your ability to submit more photos for requests and/or removal of the photo from the website.


Why am I required to submit a comment of at least 5 distinct words?
Comments should be descriptive enough to express your opinion about the photo. Photographers who submit their photos usually look for suggestions on how their photo can be improved, or hope for praise if they believe their photos are perfect. If you do not like something about the photo and you believe it could be done differently, say so, and explain why. Even if you admire someone's work and you cannot think of any ways to make it better, describe what you like about it in particular. Simply stating "Great photo" or "Nice shot" does not tell a photographer much. Please see Help on Ratings for more information about how the ratings work.

What is the entire list of words the system does not count when I submit comments?
To obtain the word count in the comments you submit, the system ignores all punctuation characters, all stand-alone numbers and letters, and the words below:

about, after, all, also, an, and, another, any, are, as, at, be, because, been, before, being, between, both, but, by, came, can, come, could, did, do, each, for, from, get, got, has, had, he, have, her, here, him, himself, his, how, if, in, into, is, it, like, make, many, me, might, more, most, much, must, my, never, now, of, on, only, or, other, our, out, over, said, same, see, should, since, so, some, still, such, take, than, that, the, their, them, then, there, these, they, this, those, through, to, too, under, up, us, very, was, way, we, well, were, what, where, which, while, who, with, would, you, your.

I cannot see the relationship between the individual given ratings and the total rating for the photo. How is the total rating determined?
The total rating for a photo is based on the individual numeric ratings; however it is not a simple arithmetic average of them. ShutterPoint uses the formula based on the true Bayesian estimate to calculate the total rating. This method is the common approach used in statistics to normalize the responses or scores. See Help on Ratings for more information on how the ratings work.

I would like to re-rate a photo I already rated or modify my comment I left earlier. How do I do it?
The system will not allow to alter the ratings you have already submitted, however comments you left before can be changed. The system "knows" you when you are logged in, and you can provide a different comment to a photo you already rated before. Simply navigate to a previously rated photo and provide your comment again - when you do, you will see a message on top of the page acknowledging your new comment. Please note that updating a comment will make it identifiable with your name, even if you originally submitted the comment as anonymous.

Can I prevent my photos from being rated?
Yes. When you submit a photo, you can specify whether you would like to receive ratings or comments. If you allow ratings or comments only, you may receive valuable constructive tips on how your photos can be improved, or simply how good they are. Keep in mind that when it comes to ratings, everyone has the right to their opinion and be prepared that your photo may not always be praised.

I submitted my photo and chose the option not to allow ratings. Can I change my mind later?
Yes. This option, just as other information relevant to your photo, can be edited after the initial submission. Note that if your photo has ratings, and later you will decide not to accept them, your photo's ratings will no longer be displayed. Should you change your mind again, and re-allow ratings, your previous ratings will be restored and shown again.

Another member gave my photo a rating much lower than I anticipated (or lower than other members did), and I believe it is not fair. What can be done about that?
Every member may have different opinion about what makes a good photo, and they have their right to express it, so be prepared for both criticism and praise. If you received one rating significantly lower than the other ratings, and no constructive comment was given, you may choose to use the limited ability to remove offensive ratings. You are allowed to remove 10% of the number of anonymous ratings that you have received (5% if your average rating is under 6.00). Read the Limited ability to remove ratings section for more information.

Why most of the ratings on my pictures can be removed while others can only be reported?
You may find that some of you ratings have been given by power raters. Power raters are raters who demonstrated certain ability to be unbiased by rating images across the board, and they know the trade relatively well - they have at least 2 sales on their accounts. Ratings given by power raters are the ratings ShutterPoint considers the most accurate, and for this reason, they cannot be automatically removed. If you discover a power rating that you find offensive, you can report it to ShutterPoint for review.

Navigation and Content

What is the Popularity sort option?
Popularity is the default sort order on many pages showing photo thumbnails. The higher the value of the popularity index, the better ranking photos will have on the page. The value of the popularity index for each photo is not displayed; and it is meaningless by itself since it only affects the ordering of multiple photos on the page. Factors that influence the index are the total rating and the number of views. For example, a photo with a lot of views, but few good ratings may show up higher than another photo with better ratings, but only a few views.

I tried to save the photo from the site by right-clicking, but that did not save the file. What's wrong?
Photos displayed at ShutterPoint cannot be saved with a browser. This behavior is by design, and it is meant to address potential theft of the copyrighted images. If you would like to obtain a small copy of the image you are interested in to assist you in making a purchasing decision, please use the "Download Comp" link underneath each photo.

What is the best web browser to use when viewing ShutterPoint?
We have designed the site to be compatible with almost any browser and operating system, however your best bet is a latest version of any major web browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome). You may sometimes experience problems with older browsers that have incomplete support for latest web standards.

I have disabled cookies in my browser and now I cannot login. What do I do?
In order to login to, you need to have the settings in your browser that allow cookies. Cookies are small harmless files that are placed on your computer by your browser for a more personalized experience on the web. Please adjust your browser settings to allow cookies and try to login again. The login FAQ has some tips on how to handle problems with cookies.

Sometimes pages are showing old information, what do I do to see updated information?
Most likely the cause of this problem is that your browser is using a cached copy of the page instead of the new page on our server. Click "Refresh" button on your browser while having "Shift" key pressed on your keyboard ("Control" key on Mac). Deleting your cache (or the temporary Internet files) should help as well.

My photo used to be shown in the Highest Rated (or Most Viewed, Most Rated, etc.) section, and now it's gone. What happened to it?
By default, only photos that were submitted within a certain timeframe are shown. Default timeframes vary depending on the section you are viewing. For example, by default, the Highest Rated section displays photos submitted within the last 14 days. If your photo was submitted earlier, it will not be displayed regardless of the ratings. To see the photo, change the Timeframe selection to "All".

Purchasing, Licenses and Usage

What is the advantage of purchasing digital images through ShutterPoint?

  • Virtually no restrictions on how the photos can be used;
  • Great features that make finding the right image easier - image zoom, search by color, "More Like This", lightboxes, and comp downloads;
  • Simple and easy check-out process - no registration is required for purchasing (a buyer may be asked to create an account if the purchase amount is under $10);
  • Lots of great photos for much less money than elsewhere;
  • Ability to submit photo requests and receive buyer rewards (registered photo buyers only).

How can I use images that I purchase at ShutterPoint?
Images on ShutterPoint are provided for either Commercial Use or Editorial Use. This distinction is made for each image on the website, and shown in the pricing section. Each license type we offer is royalty-free, which means that a price is paid for a photo license, not the number of times it can be used (some limitations on the number of runs apply to Standard License purchases). Please refer to the Licensing Information to learn about the types of licenses we offer and how they differ from each other.

License TypeStandard LicenseFull License
Commercial UseLimited Image UsageFull Image Usage
Editorial UseLimited Editorial Image UsageFull Editorial Image Usage

What is commercial use?
Commercial (for profit) use license allows using photos on the commercial basis, and the type of photos usually sold under the terms of the commercial use license is generally called "stock photos". Stock photos represent majority of photos on ShutterPoint, and can be used on the book cover, as a postcard, in the ad, as part of the web site design, in the magazine, etc. Commercial use license does not explicitly prohibit any use of photos for the editorial content, and therefore commercial use includes editorial use as well.

If an individual's or a property's likeness is used commercially, you should ensure that you obtain a model or property release authorizing such use. ShutterPoint will usually not allow purchasing of unreleased images for commercial use, and you are welcome to contact us should you need to receive a copy of the release form for commercial use images you have bought. Availability of the release forms is shown in the photo information section underneath each image.

What is editorial use?
Editorial use license narrows the actual use of the photos to editorial articles or similar material that can only be used in the editorial context. "Editorial" is defined as legitimate mass media, presumed to be unbiased, which reaches a large (usually over 2000), anonymous audience. Customarily acceptable editorial uses include newspaper or magazine articles and feature stories which are associated with the image(s) used; internet articles and feature stories which are associated with the image(s) used; or certain books on topic. Editorial use images are usually different from commercial stock images, they can be photos of celebrities, politicians, newsworthy events, and many more.

What is the difference between standard and full image licensing?
Both full and standard license is available for either editorial-use or commercial-use images. The following charts list specific examples of how images may be used under the terms of licensing.

Commercial Use
Standard Commercial Use View Agreement
Print Usage (Non-Resale, up to 10,000 copies)
  • Advertisement
  • Decoration
  • Brochure, pamphlet, document, report
  • Any non-resale print or product
  • Any print project covered under Editorial Standard License
Electronic Usage (Non-Resale)
  • Web page advertisement
  • Web page design element
  • E-Newsletter design element or advertisement (up to 10,000 e-mails)
  • Electronic document (up to 10,000 copies)
  • Multimedia presentation (up to 10,000 copies)
  • Any electronic project covered under Editorial Standard License
Full Commercial Use View Agreement
Print Usage (Resale and Unlimited Run)
  • Book jacket or interior page
  • Greeting card design
  • Poster for resale
  • Calendar for resale
  • Mug or T-shirt design
  • Software packaging, CD/DVD/video or audio tape label
  • Trade show display, billboard, exhibit
  • Any print project covered under Standard Commercial License
  • Any print project covered under Editorial Full License
  • Any item/product for resale
Electronic Usage (Resale and Unlimited Run)
  • Electronic greeting card
  • Web application template
  • Presentation software template
  • Screensaver
  • E-mail template
  • Any electronic project covered under Commercial Standard License
  • Any electronic project covered under Editorial Full License

Editorial Use
Standard Editorial Use View Agreement
  • Web-based news article or press release
  • Personal or corporate blog
  • E-Newsletter editorial (up to 10,000 e-mails)
  • Printed editorial in limited run (up to 10,000 copies) newspaper, magazine, or other printed media
Full Editorial Use View Agreement
  • Large circulation newspaper editorial
  • Magazine editorial
  • Publication/book of historical nature (educational materials, encyclopedia, etc.)
  • Any unlimited run printed editorial
  • Any unlimited run electronic editorial
  • Any editorial covered under Standard Editorial License
*Editorial use is permitted under the terms of either Commercial or Editorial Use Licenses

What is a release?
A release is a signed documented agreement on which an individual or property owner gives permission to the photographer for the image to be reproduced commercially.

How are the images delivered?
As soon as an image is purchased (or more accurately, a license to use the image is purchased) you will be given secure access to immediately download it from ShutterPoint. You can come back to the website within 7 days after the purchase and download an image again.

I have recently purchased images from in the past, is there any way I can download them again?
Yes. You can download any images you purchased, as long as the purchase took place in the past 7 days or less. In order to get access to your purchased images, simply claim photos and use the order number and authorization key(s) that you received after your purchase.

Getting Paid

How do know my photos are being sold?
All sales get recorded and shown on the Sales and Transactions page under "My Account" section. Members can also choose to receive e-mail notices every time a sale of their photo takes place.

Do I have to contact the buyer or ship anything when my photos sell?
No. Photo buyers are given secure access to download digital images they purchased directly from ShutterPoint. When you submit your photos to our website, it is the only "delivery" you have to make.

How do I collect money for my photo sales?
We record all sales of all photos that you make and major portion of the sales goes to you. We keep 15% of the full license sales and 30% of the standard license sales to cover the costs of the transaction, marketing expenses and some of the expenses to run the website. In order to get your money, you should tell us how you would like to receive it and when. You have a choice to get your payment via PayPal, or by check, and you can specify the minimum balance amount that will trigger the payment. Once that is done, you do not need to do anything to get your money - we will process the payments to you when your payable balance reaches a minimum payment amount that you choose.

Payments are usually processed during the first and third week of every month. Please be advised that 30 days must elapse before your sales become eligible for payouts.

How do I collect money for my Referral Program earnings?
We record all sales that your referral links generate. Each sale produces a commission posted to your account according to the schedule defined in the Referral Program. Once the commission is added to your account, payouts follow the same rules as payments for photo sales (see above).

Please be advised that 30 days from the date of sale must elapse before your referral commissions get posted to your account.

What is PayPal?
PayPal is the well-established leading electronic payments service for both businesses and individuals. PayPal is widely used by auction sellers and buyers, e-commerce websites, or just people looking for an easy way to pay or receive money online. Please visit and decide if this service will be right for you for receiving the payments from us.

Are there any fees for receiving payments?
If you choose to get your sale proceeds by check, there will be a charge of $1.00 for processing and mailing your payment. If you are located outside of the United States, your local bank may charge you a fee for cashing the check and converting from US Dollars to your country's currency. This type of fees may be avoided by using PayPal. If you prefer to get your payments via PayPal, we will not charge any fees for payments. Depending on your account type with PayPal, there may be other fees imposed by PayPal for using the service.

What are the pros and cons of receiving payments via PayPal vs. check?
If you are located in the USA or other countries PayPal can support, your best choice is to use PayPal. You will be able to receive payments to your PayPal account instantly, and be notified via e-mail. Once you receive the payment to your PayPal account, you can transfer it to your local bank or use your money to pay for goods and services at countless websites accepting PayPal payments. Additionally, ShutterPoint does not assess any fees on sending money to your PayPal account. Please note that PayPal may charge a small fee for processing transactions - see PayPal website for details.

If you prefer to receive your payment by check, or you are located in the country where PayPal accounts cannot be used, select payments by check. You will receive your sales proceeds in the form of the corporate bank check by regular mail. Please note that the checks are issued in US Dollars, and you may have to pay certain fees to convert the payment to your local currency (if applicable). ShutterPoint subtracts $1.00 from each payment made by check to cover processing expenses.


What is the Spotlight and how can I get my name in there?
Spotlight section is shown on the home page and it is designed to showcase a photographer, displaying his/her name, a few lines from the profile, and a mini-slideshow of photographer's images. Having a photographer's name in a very prestigious section of the front page offers great visibility, which may increase the likelihood of sales.

There are four roads to get in the spotlight:

  • Selling at least one photo within the last two weeks (random pick entitled "Photo seller");
  • Being a power rater (random pick entitled "Power rater");
  • Being a rater who rates on the regular basis and tends to accompany ratings with comments, or a rater who scored the highest number of rating points within the period of the last 24 hours (called "Active rater");
  • Having an image with the highest number of views and submitted within the last 24 hours (called "Viewer's choice photographer").
The spotlight gets refreshed at least every hour, providing an opportunity for photographers who create marketable and eye-catching photos, as well as active and power raters to be showcased on the front page.

How do the photos get selected for the Featured Photos section?
The Featured Photos section presents photos which were selected by the ShutterPoint team, and features those photos that we believe are catchy, unique, technically sound, and marketable. You can use some pointers in regards to the type of photos we feature:

What may get selected:

  • Image that belongs to the What's Hot section;
  • Quality image that represents the concepts of stock photography in general;
  • High quality editorial use photo that may interest publishers, for example a photo of a famous person;
  • Highly interesting or original image that possesses high artistic or technical quality.
What is unlikely to get selected:
  • Image that belongs to the What's Not section;
  • Low resolution image;
  • Image with borders, frames or other decorations;
  • Image with heavy digital alterations creating unrealistic effects such as color shifts, patterns, etc.;
  • Photo of identifiable people or places without releases (unless editorial use is more appropriate than commercial use);
  • Image containing nudity.
The guidelines above are not set in stone, they are simply the starting points we use to pick the featured images. All picks are subjective by nature and do not and cannot always represent the "best" photos. Most picks are made from the pool of images submitted within the last several days, and the newly selected images will push the older ones out. Selections are not made on the regular basis, however the average time span between insertions of new picks is approximately one or two days.

Which photos are shown in the What's Selling section?
The What's Selling section randomly rotates photos that were sold recently. The section gets refreshed up to 12 times a day. Due to the random nature of selections, the section should not be treated as a sales report, and may show the same photos several times throughout any period of time, even though they were sold only once, as well as not show photos that were, in fact, sold more recently than others.

Why do you allow obviously pornographic photos to be displayed on ShutterPoint?
ShutterPoint values different types of artistic expression. Generally, people who characterize certain images on ShutterPoint as "pornography" are either personally offended by adult photos, or worry that other people, usually their children, family, photo buyers or coworkers, will notice "porn" on ShutterPoint. If you feel offended by such photos, please employ our Content Filter option, which will instantly block all such content.

In the case of people who are personally offended by pornography, please remember that what looks offensive or pornographic to one person, may look artistic to another. ShutterPoint will not allow any photos that we believe are pornographic; however we do allow erotic and artistic nude photos. All photos displayed on ShutterPoint are legal to view for an adult living in the United States or many other countries. Photos of adult nature are not any more "pornographic" than works that can be found in books in the Art or Photography section of your local bookstore. We simply suggest that if you do not like the "pornographic" works, then you should avoid viewing them and rating them by using the Content Filter.

For those who are concerned about others looking at the "pornographic" photos on ShutterPoint, we believe that it is your responsibility, not ours, to control your children's access to the Internet and to exercise care when accessing the website in the presence of others, regardless of where you are. Do not worry that photo buyers may lose interest in the website because of these photos - there is demand for them, just as much as for nature or landscape photography.