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Sandhills Windmill and small pond - Nebraska

Sandhills Windmill and small pond - Nebraska - Stock Photo


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Photo Information
Image ID: 477005
Title: Sandhills Windmill and small pond - Nebraska
Album: Sandhills and Niobrara River - Western Nebraska
Categories: Landscape | Nature  | Travel  

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Submitted: Apr 03, 2007 2:03 AM
Camera: Canon PowerShot A540
Film / Media: digital
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Photographer's Description

Nebraska Sandhills Wood Windmill and small pond. The Nebraska Sandhills area includes over 13 million acres of deep sands with a high water table which encourages the growth of the native grasses and provides excellent pastures for the many Cattle Ranches in the area.

Rural Western Nebraska Sandhills area west of Halsey National Forest along scenic Hwy 2 approaching well known Mullen Sandhills Golf Course area. Peaceful and quiet.

Several other Western Nebraska Sandhills Pictures + Niobrara River & Colorful Nebraska Rural Sunsets at: - (link opens new window)


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