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Photographer's Summary - Glenn Rogers

Glenn Rogers
Glenn Rogers
Member since August 10, 2004
Total number of images: 204
About Me

I once saw a quote, at the Lincoln Center in New York, that said "Art should be a part of everyone's everyday life".

I thought I should get it into my life. I started seeing it everywhere. Thought I'd snap a few of those images. On Shutterpoint I share some of them. I shoot not just to capture for myself, although thats a huge part of it, but so I can share those images with others in the hopes they will start to see art around them as well.

I am the designer of DBGallery, a Photo Database System. It is an excellent general purpose photo database.

My primary work is as a software project manager. I hold a PMP (Project Management Professional) certification. Skype: travelster6611

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Recent Photos

Arizona (3 photos)
Botanical (21 photos)
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Composition (7 photos)
Photos that are what they are because of their composition.
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India (11 photos)
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Making Winter Beautiful (21 photos)
Too many people, the majority actually, do not like winter. It is a beautiful time of year. One objective of art is to teach us things (I’ve learned much from it!). As such, the purpose of this collection is to portray, and just maybe instill, the beauty of winter.
Minimalism (2 photos)
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New York (11 photos)
Newfoundland, Canada (37 photos)
Panaramic (9 photos)
Playing (12 photos)
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Ukraine (2 photos)

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