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Photographer's Summary - Michael Batiukov

Michael Batiukov
Michael Batiukov
United States
Member since August 30, 2005
Total number of images: 0
About Me

My CREDO: S – Spiritual purpose in life leads to self-knowledge, education, mastery and perfection. T – Trust in the power of your mind, your life is the reflection of your own thoughts. R – Respect for self, respect for others, responsibility for all your actions. A – All things are possible, nothing is impossible, as you think so shall you be. N – Negative inner mind-set keeps you from being on purpose. N – No limits, no boundaries, never give up. I – I am whole, complete, total, fully alive, I need no more to be happy. K – Know yourself first, knowledge is always power.

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These images [ Impresso® ] are an example of the Digital Post-Impressionism of the 21st century or the Digital Modern Pointillism. Original Pointillism technique of oil painting was developed in the 1880s by the Neo-Impressionist Georges Seurat. He used small dots of pure color laid side by side to create an impression of shimmering light when pictures are viewed from a distance. His followers were Paul Signac & Henri Edmond Cross.
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