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Photographer's Summary - Vivian Brown

Vivian Brown
Vivian Brown
United States
Member since July 22, 2009
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About Me

I believe that the camera is one of the greatest invention of all time. For there is no better way to document anything in the universe than through the lens of the camera. Photography is a way to freeze time. We humans always want to remenisce the old good days, our love ones, friends, family, places we visited, important events in our lives and anything that caught our attention at one point or another. Most importantly, photography is an art, an avenue for self-expression. We all have some innate artistic gift in us. We want to express ourselves by the way we see or do things. And there is no more fitting way to let the world know how you feel about things and how you, as an individual, see or view things than through photography. Each one of us looks at things in varied perspectives. When I look at other people's work, I sometimes wonder why I never thought of photographing it that way or why I would not prefer to photograph it the way another photograher did. It is true that the kind of equipment you use has crucial bearings on the final result of your work. However, in the final analysis, the photographer is the artist, the creator of the art that goes into the print. Looking at the kind of subjects that a particular photographer documents and the angle he/she takes his/her pictures, we can pretty much judge if the person is romatic as a poet, or full of life like an explorer, or inquisitive like a microbiologist, or boring as a "I just happen to have a camera so I point-and-shoot on anything that passes by". I photograph for documenting artifacts, but also to freeze time. I am big on photographic mementos. But most importantly, photography for me is an art. As an artist, I want to express myself through photography. Thus, the label for my work, F-Stop Expression. I am learning as I go along and there is no hurry in reaching perfection for I enjoy every minute of the journey. I invite you all to look at my photos and I will appreciate your critique.

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