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Photographer's Summary - Ken Blye

Ken Blye
Ken Blye
United States
Member since October 30, 2004
Total number of images: 184
About Me

Ken is a retired Dean from Miami-Dade College. He and his wife Nancy relocated to the Orlando from Miami. Ken along with a few others started the Orlando Camera Club with a membership of Averaging over 400 per year. Check the Club out at While he will shoot anything, Ken is an avid bird photographer with a 600mm+ lens. The central Florida area is rich in bird life especially during the winter months. He could not have written a better script for his retirement as he goes shooting at least twice a week. Of special note, Ken received an Honorable Mention in the Second Annual Smithsonian Photo Contest ...that is out of 127,000 entries world wide. Ken along with eight other members of the Orlando Camera Club won the Nature's Best Photography Magazine's 2008 Windland Smith Rice International Camera Club Award. The winning images are on exhibit in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History until May 2009. The winning image of the adult Sandhill Cranes feeding their two day old chick a Dragonfly can be seen in his bird collection. Ken is the co-inventor of the Puffin Pad "the light weight alternative to the bean bag" . To see the Puffin Pad go to

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Camera:Nikon 1 V3   Nikon 8008   Nikon D200   Nikon D2H   Nikon D2Xs   Nikon D300   Nikon D700   Nikon D7000   Nikon D800  
Lens:10-100mm   105mm Macro   18-200mm   24-70mm   28-300mm VRII   35mm-70mm   600MM   600mm + 1.4 TC   600mm +1.7 TC   600mm w/ Puffin Pad   70-200 VR TC 1.7   70-200VR, 1.7TC, Canon 500d TPD   80-400vr   Nikon 70-300vr  
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