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Photographer's Summary - Joanne Schreiner

Joanne Schreiner
Joanne Schreiner
United States
Member since March 11, 2008
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About Me

Photographs kindle lost memories. How many of us have “remembered” a time in our lives when the only reason we remember it is because we have a picture of the event that keeps our memory alive? Photographs also preserve moments of beauty and inspiration. I cannot hold all the pictures in my mind, so I use a camera to remind me of the majesty and wonder of the world we inhabit. Shutterpoint provides an opportunity to share my pictures. It also shows me how many great photographers are out there and gives me the chance to learn from them. In addition to my interest in photography, I have "rekindled" another interest from my past -- candle making! I will post my website for my candle business below for those of you who may be interested in eco-friendly soy candles!

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