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Photographer's Summary - Michael Miller

Michael Miller
Michael Miller
United States
Member since April 8, 2008
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About Me

i have been into photography as a hobby now for over 20 years. i got into digital photography about 5 years ago and i am still learning. my favorite subject is wildlife but not limited to.the amazing thing about photography is the fact that no 2 pictures are the same and to be able to capture a moment and keep it frozen in time is why i enjoy it so much. with wildlife photography you never know what you are going to get when you go out hiking in the wilderness. i very rarely use a tripod and that makes it more difficult but i would rather get the shot than carry a tripod around and miss out on a shot because i was not ready. i like sharing my photos for everyone to view and if i can sell some that would be great too.i have learned more by having my photos rated and rating photos myself.

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