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Photographer's Summary - Dace Serafimovs

Dace Serafimovs
Dace Serafimovs
United States
Member since December 19, 2007
Total number of images: 0
About Me

I live in United States in beautiful Hudson Valley. Nature here is so inspiring . You still can find those places where you feel timeless. Mountains, trees, streams and lovely Hudson river all those things are around me. Best of all you can observe changes in seasons . Often I am taking walks on weekends with my little friend Sony camera and I am trying to stop the moment. For years I was taking pictures using film camera. Most of those images were black and white. I still many times feel nostalgic for those black & white photographs. Digital photography has opened new door for me. I love the effects you can get with digital photo, I love the media and how you can change colors and textures. And you do not have to spend hours in dark room with chemicals. I am excited to share my photographs with visitors and other photographers. I also hope to get some sales , as I do put love, energy and time in to my images. More of my photographs and my favorite ones you can see on .You are welcome there! Because of small resolutions they have I am not able to put them on SP.

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