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Photographer's Summary - Kimberly Hutchinson

Kimberly Hutchinson
Kimberly Hutchinson
United States
Member since August 9, 2010
Total number of images: 0
About Me

I have loved photography since childhood. My Dad bought me my first 35 mm Yashica camera for my high school graduation. The rest is history. I wanted to be a National Geographic Photographer as a teen, never made it. I took the NYI home study course in my early 20's which is where I really learned the tech part of taking pictures. From there I slowly just freelanced when my kids where growing up with baseball, horse shows and such. I have a Pentax PZ1, the old reliable film camera, and recently purchased this Canon 7D. I love the outdoors, children and animals for subjects, not much of the studio, but would like to do a little commercial still shots for fun. I hope this stock photography can open some doors in selling my pics, I do not have a website yet, still working on one. I live in a small town in Tennessee, right by the Tennessee River, and wildlife refuge. My next subject of the year.

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