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ShutterPoint API allows a third party web site or an application to submit image files to ShutterPoint on behalf of the end user. The API is an HTTP form post to the ShutterPoint online system that consists of name-value pairs described below.

API supports JPEG or TIFF images. We recommend submitting images with IPTC profiles to simplify data tagging after upload.


To submit an image file to ShutterPoint, your application or website needs to perform the following steps:
  1. Authenticate a user as a registered ShutterPoint photographer
  2. Obtain a list of existing user albums
  3. Collect user input and perform HTTP post to ShutterPoint
  4. Obtain and parse the result of the operation (provided as XML)
  5. Provide a user with the user-friendly information about the submission result
The HTTP post destination is:

We have provided a sample web form that can be used as a starting point in developing your own interface to ShutterPoint. The form is fully functional and can be viewed at the URL below:

HTTP Post Parameters

Field Name Description Length Required
username ShutterPoint username 12 Yes
email E-Mail address associated with the username 48 Yes
filename File to upload   Yes
album_id Numeric ID of the existing album to place the image in 3 Yes *
new_album_name Name of the new album to place the image in 50 Yes *
ui Name of your website or application that implements the API 32 Yes
rt_opt Rating Option (possible values are blank, 0, 1, 2) - see our demo for explanation 1 No
lic License (possible values are C for Commercial Use, and E for Editorial Use) 1 No
lic_opt License Option (possible values are FS for Standard and Full, and F for Full only) 2 No
price Full use price (decimal value) 6 No
model_rel Model release (possible values are 0, 1) - see our demo for explanation 1 No
prop_rel Property release (possible values are 0, 1) - see our demo for explanation 1 No
camera Camera make and model (when provided, this value overwrites data obtained from EXIF) 32 No
film Film/Media 32 No
lens Lens 32 No
filter Filter 32 No
* Provide either an album_id or new_album_name.
Use to obtain user album id's in RSS format.


Result of the image submission is presented as XML with the following structure:

     <status>Status code - negative values indicate failures</status>
     <imageId>Image ID of the newly added file, blank if failure</imageId>
     <resultText>"OK" without quotes for success, error text if failure</resultText>
     <viewURL>URL where the image can be viewed, blank if failure</viewURL>
     <editURL>URL where the image can be edited, blank if failure</editURL>