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Buy Stock Photos

When it comes to shopping for stock images, several factors play a role: selection of images, technical quality, licensing terms, license fees, ease of downloading, and degree of support, to name a few.

Top three stock photography sites to buy photos and other digital content from:

  1. Shutterstock
  2. Dreamstime
  3. Fotolia
  4. 123RF

Sell Stock Photos

You may have heard terms such as stock photos, photo libraries, image banks, and variations of those – they all refer to the same concept. By accessing extensive collections of images, consumers of stock images can stay on budget and not have to hire their own photographer. It allows them to save time since images are delivered via the web in mere seconds.

Doesn't it seem like everyone has a digital camera or a smart phone nowadays? Many people carry their cameras and phones along everywhere and take many photos. Certainly, not everyone produces images that are good as "stock photos" – in other words, not every image, even when technically perfect, is marketable.

What does it take to create marketable photos?

Top two stock photography sites to sell your photos with:

  1. Dreamstime
  2. Shutterstock